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Safety and risk prevention at home

Home security is a concern for all of us including parents. Domestic accidents are the leading cause of death among young children. The prevention of domestic risks begins with good information and rules, and this is what we provide here at

Domestic accidents are more common than generally believed. According to one survey by the clearinghouse over ten health and medical care institutions performed in 2007, it is estimated that over $4 billion per year in accidents occur at home. According to that survey, 3 out of 5 accidents are alarming enough for serious concern or lead to medical consultation. This survey shows that those most affected are young children, pregnant women and the elderly.

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The main domestic risk are as follow. Each room in the house can become a trap for children. Each room seems to us that each object can be safe for our children. A little common sense and attention is needed to enable people to live safely home! Here is a list of the main dangers of the house:

Burns, from handles of pots, stoves and oven door, iron plugged, hot water, radiator and anything hazardous.

Risks of DIY, unstable ladders and stepladders, cool Tools (drill, saw ...), hazardous or toxic products (including vapors), adhesives, small parts may be swallowed by the smaller ones, heavy or sharp tools.

Falls, from slippery or wet floor, carpet, stairs, ramps, and access to dangerous places, open window or windown opened by young children, fall of the changing table or parents' bed.

Electrocutions, from unsecured electric plugs, multi-socket and extensions visible and accessible, subject appliances plugged into the bathroom: iron and hair dryer (a playing child can dip them into water), bare or worn wire.

Poisoning, drugs, household products, hazardous products, toxic plants and flowers, DIY products: paints, glues ..., perfume, alcohols, cosmetics.

Fire, matches and lighters, flammable, poor wiring and aerosols.

Drowning, in the bth, swimming pool, pool or pond, a young child can drown in 20 inches of water.

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