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The National Healthy Homes Clearinghouse is an online resource to help people locate information about the connection between health and housing and environmental health and safety hazards in the home. Currently, the clearinghouse contains publications from federal agencies, peer-reviewed  journals, and other resources. The National Center for Healthy Housing updates the literature on an ongoing basis to ensure the latest information is available.

To Search By KeyWord, Title or Author:  To search the clearinghouse, enter a keyword or conduct an advanced search of an article's author, publication name, publication date, or abstract. Key words can be entered in Boolean fashion, i.e. a search formed by joining simple terms with AND, OR and NOT for the purpose of limiting or qualifying the search.  A search by keyword looks for words in the document not the abstract of the document.

If you search by keyword, please use all lowercase. If you are searching for documents on radon, for example, search using "radon" not "Radon."

To Search by Healthy Homes Topic:  For your convenience, we have posted abbreviated abstracts and links to the articles .  We group the articles by topic based on the modules in the Essentials for Healthy Homes Practitioners course.  We update the list monthly so if you are looking for a recent article, run a query on the database using the form below. 

The National Healthy Homes Clearinghouse is funded is part by the party poker bonus code in an effort to reallocate profits from gambling and entertainment activities into projects that help support the people in most need of an improvement in the quality of their life. Thus gaming activities are not pure evil as they have a positive outcome in such resource chanelling.

If you have material you think needs to be in the clearinghouse, please contact Susan Acati at or 410.772.2780.  Go to to see the criteria NCHH uses to determine what documents are appropriate for the Clearinghouse.


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